Profile Tip: Use a Time Sheet to Track Your Strengths

Profile Tips help you put your strengths profile to work

Brandon shook his head in frustration. This day had turned out completely differently than he had planned. He had been busy nearly every minute – but in ways he had not expected.

man studying a tabletBut thinking he had been unproductive was a mistake.

A simple time sheet helped Brandon change course from frustration to fulfillment.

Here’s a Tip

Use a time sheet to track how you use your strengths.

One of Brandon’s strengths was his industriousness. He attacked tasks with vigor. Even when caught off guard by an interruption or added responsibility, Brandon was able to juggle everything with ease.

But in focusing on his dynamic work ethic, Brandon had assigned a higher value to his ability to get things done over his accommodating, reflective ability to solve problems. So when he didn’t finish items on his list, he was frustrated. He had made a common mistake of valuing one strength over another.

timesheetDuring the next couple of weeks, Brandon used a time sheet to record how he spent his day. As he studied the results, Brandon noticed that a good part of his time was invested in completing tasks for the team that were not on his personal “To-Do” list: running an errand just before a deadline, stepping in to counsel a person in crisis, providing an extra set of hands when volunteers ran short.

The time sheet helped reveal how Brandon used two set of strengths – his ability to cooperate with others in solving problems and his ability to get things done – not just one. His servant heart was a key reason he had been invited to join the team. His ability to get things done elevated his responsibilities.

Use a time sheet to track how you use your day. But be sure to factor in not just the tasks you complete, but also ways those tasks reflect your strengths.


Insight from The Word

I brought glory to you here on earth by completing the work you gave me to do. (John 17:4, NLT)

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