Profile Tip: Use Your Strengths to Relieve Holiday Stress

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Why was Nick dragging his feet about deciding where to spend Christmas? Kara wondered.

couple in front of lightsHis family, her family – Kara did not mind how or with whom she and her new husband spent the holiday. She simply wanted to make a decision and enjoy the season. But Nick needed more time.

The situation could have created a rift between the young couple. Fortunately, Kara did not push her new husband to make a decision fast. Instead, she called upon his strengths and her strengths to relieve the stress.

Here’s a Tip

Use your strengths to help relieve holiday stress.

It was Nick’s sensitivity that had first attracted Kara. He was careful to consider her feelings about her job, finances, what activities they did together – even comments others made to her. Kara knew that her husband’s deliberate, cautious nature was one of his strengths.

Which was exactly why Nick was struggling so much right now. He wanted to accommodate both of their families during the holidays and not hurt anyone’s feelings.

Meanwhile, one of Kara’s strengths was decisiveness. She made quick, informed decisions and did not look back afterwards.

Right now, Kara stood at a crossroads. She could press the issue about Christmas and push Nick to make a quick decision, adding to his stress and causing him to retreat … she could make a decision independently, thereby alienating her new husband …  she could lose her temper and spark a fight …

Or she could use her strengths in another way. She could act quickly and decisively to provide information her husband needed so they could make a decision together.

Which is what she did. Kara asked family members about the plans they had made for the holidays. Then she went to Nick with that information.

Kara’s support allowed Nick to feel certain. Nick’s careful deliberation helped the couple maintain healthy relationships with both their families during their first Christmas together.

What causes holiday stress for your family members? Don’t compete with it. Use your strengths to find a way to help.

Insight from The Word

Two are better than one. (Ecclesiastes 4:9, ESV)

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