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Jim Schubert and Pure Flix Management Integrate LFYS as Part of the Team Culture

Soon after the release of its break out film, God’s Not Dead (2014), Pure Flix invited Jim Schubert to be a part of their team to build the company to the next level, particularly in the role of building the company’s culture.

Jim Schubert

Jim Schubert

In just a decade since its launch in 2005,  Pure Flix has solidified its position as the leading full-service global Christian motion picture production and distribution studio, synonymous with high-quality, inspiring movies and television programs.

Pure Flix has not only embraced a vision to influence the global culture for Christ through media one heart at a time, but has also purposefully set out to do just that within its own walls too.

Pure Flix’s intentionality, says Jim, has been a key factor in helping the company grow strong while moving its team members forward, too.

Intentional Personal Growth: 45 Day Challenges Plus Profiles

An integral part of the Pure Flix culture is a commitment to helping its team members to grow personally, emotionally, professionally, relationally, and spiritually. To do that, Pure Flix’s management tapped into Growth U, an online community of like-minded leaders who embrace purposeful personal growth with accountability using a system of 45 Day Challenges. Team members set personal goals – whether professional, emotional, spiritual, or financial – and invest 15-30 minutes a day for 45 days to reach that goal in partnership with an online support system.

As Jim worked with new Pure Flix COO Steve Fedyski and the management team to maximize employee growth, they drew upon their shared past experience with The 210 Project and the Leading From Your Strengths profiles by adding the profile as a supplement to  Pure Flix staff’s 45 Day Challenges.

“The profile is the perfect fit for our company culture,” says Jim. “The 45 Day Challenge is helpful, but secularly-based. The profile adds faith elements that are consistent with Pure Flix’s core values.” First, management team members themselves completed the profiles and team building with Ministry Insights president Rodney Cox and saw the value in building trust and communication. Then a few months later the entire staff completed the process.

“The process helped people understand how they are uniquely designed,” says Jim. “If I’m on one side of the (profile) chart and you’re on the other, I can come to accept that’s simply how we’re wired by God. With that mindset, I’m going to make an effort to make things work.” For instance, a team member may be relationally-driven but can anticipate that a data-driven colleague needs information in a timely way, and then provide that data before it is requested.  Conflict dissipates.

Pure Flix management is currently working to integrate the profile as part of the 45 Day Challenge, hoping to one day include The 210 Project too.

Pure Flix Team Members Keep on Growing

As Pure Flix transitioned to include streaming as part of its services in 2015 – think Netflix for families of faith – Jim’s responsibilities morphed to oversee streaming content, services integration, and aligning partners. But regardless, says Jim, the Leading From Your Strengths profile and process has become a part of the company’s growth culture and is included in its onboarding process for new employees.

“When team members complete the profile and put the results to use, there is noticeable improvement in communication, productivity, and efficiency. Barriers that were previously a conflict now serve as point of resolution,” says Jim. “If a company’s management is committed to investing in its employees’ personal and spiritual growth, then the profile ought to be a part of that process.”

Pure Flix Entertainment, headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, is a leading global producer and distributor of Christian and family-friendly media and streaming services. Jim Schubert has been a part of the Pure Flix team since 2013, first as a contract worker and then full-time.

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