Team Building Made Easy With NEW LFYS Courses

The Leading From Your Strengths principles makes a tremendous difference in your team’s effectiveness, intimacy, and strength when understood and applied. The issue has been assimilating the principles in a scalable way across your organization.

That has all changed with this implementation of new technology.

Ministry Insights invested 100K this year to reshoot and streamline the LFYS Team Building content and videos. We have also invested in, and implemented, a new technology that empowers users to consume the content on-demand.

And, the best news is it is free with every LFYS Assessment now.

What the LFYS On-demand Course Includes

  • How to understand the four inescapable “transitions” every team must face
  • The Law of Differences
  • How to read your own LFYS profile
  • How to understand and appreciate the strengths of others
  • How to blend the differences to create intimacy, effectiveness, and cooperation in your ministry and relationships

You can access the new course by clicking the link below. 

New LFYS On-demand Team Building Course