What if I have problems receiving my profile?

"you have mail" iconMany users ask, “What do I do if I have problems receiving my profile?”

Most delivery problems are resolved very easily.

The majority difficulties in profile deliveries  are caused by an undeliverable email address. You can prevent most problems when you make sure you’ve entered your email address correctly.

But if you do encounter any problems receiving your report, please contact us, complete the contact form, include information on the type of profile you completed, and note approximately when you completed it. One of our representatives will correspond with you as soon as possible to help you get your report as quickly as possible.

NOTE: The online questionnaire process must be completed in one sitting in order to generate your report. When you finish the questionnaire process, you will have a chance to verify your personal and delivery information. Then the system will give you a notice of completion. Reports will be returned to Ministry Insights if an email address is entered improperly.

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