About Ministry Insights: What We Do

Ministry Insights exists to provide biblically-based products and processes that helps believers develop Christ centered relationships.  Our mission is to transform relationships in business, ministry, marriage and family to bring God glory.

12 hands in a circle in the sand representing Ministry Insights relationshipsWe are founded, owned, and operated by Christians with experience in professional ministry, church consulting, counseling, and business.

Ministry Insights: How we work

We help people understand biblical truth about God’s divine design for differences and build healthy relationships.

We use a process

We use a three-step process to equip Christians to build strong relationships through:

  1. discovering their unique personalities.
  2. understanding and value the unique personalities in others.
  3. blending their differences to develop unity.

We provide tools

We provide tools to bring about this process. These resources help individuals understand their God-given strengths, blend their differences with others, and build positive personal relationships in ministry, the workplace, marriages, and the family. Our tools include three critical elements necessary to transform relationships.

  1. They are rooted in the truth of God’s Word.
  2. They provide objective data about and for the individual.
  3. They outline purposeful, personalized application.

Our tools

Strength-based profiles: objective, detailed data delivered after simple, 10-minute online assessments that give immediate insights about the user’s unique strengths

Practical tools: curriculum, articles, books, free downloads, conferences give users deeper insights into who they are and understanding others

Advanced training: coaching, certifications, equipping conferences allow users to apply the content even further, leading to transformed relationships