Are the profiles available in other languages?

girl holding Spanish BibleOne of the most frequent questions we get is about the availability of the profile in other languages.

Currently, the Leading From Your Strengths Profile is the only profile that is fully translated into Spanish. That means that both the online questionnaire and the profile results are available in Spanish.

When a respondent logs onto  to complete the online questionnaire, you can select the response language from the drop-down menu. If the respondent selects Spanish, the online questionnaire will be in Spanish and the respondent will receive his profile results in Spanish. The purchasing agent for the profile will still receive the profile results in English. If the purchasing agent is the respondent, he will receive 2 emails, one with an English version of the profile report and one in Spanish.

What About Other Languages?

The online questionnaire can be completed in many different languages by simply selecting a different language option at the website, but the profile results will be in English. You can view the available questionnaire languages at in the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.

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