May I purchase profiles as gifts for other people?

hands on a computer keyboard to purchase profiles as giftsYes, you may purchase profiles as gifts. Here’s how.

A Receipt for Profiles as Gifts

When you purchase profiles online, your screen will display a receipt . This receipt is also delivered to the email address you designate on the order form. The receipt includes a response link (or multiple response links if you purchase more than one profile) and a website address. Each response link is a single use password.

How Recipient Can Use Profile

To complete a profile, a respondent simply goes to the designated web site, enters the response link, and follows the instructions to complete the process.

This process allows for a profile to be given as a gift by either forwarding the entire receipt or by sending the response link, web site address from the receipt, and instructions for the gift recipient.

It may help to view the “How to Buy Profiles” tab on individual profile product pages, such as this one for the Leading From Your Strengths Profile.

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