Devotional: How to Cut a Diamond

A Devotional about Valuing Strengths

A diamond, formed as a crystal over centuries, is among the most precious of gemstones. Gem experts study the most effective ways to cut facets in a diamond to maximize its color and beauty. Facets – these flat-smoothed planes cut on a diamond’s surface – allow a diamond to make the best use of light and reflect its crystal’s brilliance.

a cut diamond

Image: Physics Stack Exchange

Like the facets of a diamond, we reflect elements of God’s character.

Each Facet Is Cut Uniquely

Facets on a diamond’s surface, rather than a smooth polish, allow a diamond to reflect light best. As light enters the diamond through these planes, it refracts or bends. The ray then travels to the crystal at this new angle and reflects back out, allowing a wonderful play of light and color.

Each facet is planned intentionally. Diamond cutters consider each stone’s uniqueness when molding it. Each facet is deliberately cut and carefully polished. Just as each facet intentionally maximizes the crystal’s brilliance, so each of us is intentionally molded by God with specific strengths that reflect His character. He carefully and deliberately chooses strengths for each person that will reveal part of who He is.

Each facet is unique. You may share strengths that another has, yet you are “cut in a different angle” than that person. Angles of each facet of a diamond are cut carefully taking into account both how the light will bend when it enters the stone and how it will reflect when leaving it. God molds each of us with facets that are unique to our bent. Your strengths reflect Him in a way that is different from anyone else.

The Crystal: The Secret to a Diamond’s Beauty

Light enters a diamond via its facets, but the reflection that emerges is not an image of the facet. Rather, what we see is a reflection of the crystal. The facet is merely the means used to reflect the beauty of the diamond’s core. In the same way, it can be tempting to consider your strengths as a reflection of who you are. In doing so, you forget the source of those strengths. We are God’s facets – the means for His light to stream outward. God uses our strengths to reveal components of His nature to those around us. That’s one reason a diamond can be such a powerful illustration of God’s character. God gifts each of us with individual strengths, but those strengths reveal Him. The light we see in others – and the light they see in us – is a reflection of the crystal’s beauty … of who God is.

Growth PointGod forms each person with strengths that reflect His character.


We are all the work of your hand. (Isaiah 64:8, NIV)

Prayer Points

  • Why can it be easy to mistake a person’s strengths as a reflection on him rather than a reflection of God’s character?
  • Consider a family member or friend. How do you see an element of God’s character reflected in that person’s strengths?
  • Ask God to show you ways to maximize your strengths so that others can even better see God reflected in you.

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