Habits of a Strong Team

Your ministry probably has organizational values. Shared values set the tone for what the company cares about most. In ministry or business, values typically represent the principles you stand for, like integrity, Christ-likeness, service, and respect for others.

Values act as a filter to help leaders and their team members make decisions and plan for the future, correct? Although values are important, often your team will need additional tools—something more concrete if you will, to help them execute daily.

This is where team habits come into play. Habits are tangible actions that, when put into practice, will equip a team to stay in sync, support each other, and win together. Strong leaders identify, model, and communicate winning habits. Since the first step of identifying those habits can be the most difficult, we’ve assembled a list of sample habits that can help you build a stronger team. Feel free to adopt the list below for your team, today!

  1. We communicate with empathy
    We take time to learn about each other so we can connect our ideas in a meaningful way.
  2. We trust each other
    We respect each other’s differences and give our teammates the benefit of the doubt.
  3. We value our individual and collective strengths
    Our plans factor in each person’s unique God-given strengths.
  4. We practice ownership
    Each team member is responsible for his/her success and equipped with the tools to win.
  5. We avoid team gossip
    When we hear a rumor, we share it with our team. We direct complaints up, not around.
  6. We proactively share insights within our team
    Updates provided during team meetings are critical to our success.
  7. We provide care for our teammates
    We strive daily to stay connected and supportive.
  8. We advocate for solutions that scale
    We look for ways to operate more efficiently as the project or organization grows. 
  9. We strive for a healthy work/life balance
    Expectations and responsibilities are well documented and communicated.
  10. We prioritize goals and milestones
    We set goals based on outcomes and issue public praise when we hit milestones.


Values are key, but habits equip you and your team to execute those values on a daily basis. Create your list of winning habits, distribute them, and revisit them regularly. Your team will thank you for it.


Portions of this article were excerpted from the Strong Teams Starter Pack, now available!