How do I apply the profile?

couple sitting on the couch talking about ways to apply the profileUsers want to know how to apply the profile in practical ways.

The profiles help you recognize and understand your God-given strengths. In addition, they provide an objective platform and practical statements to use for improving communication with others.

The Best Way to Apply the Profile

The most valuable method for applying the profile is sharing and discussing your results with others. Consider discussing your profile report with family members, friends, and your small group.

More Ways to Apply the Profile

Use the support tools offered on this website (including free downloads, workbooks, videos, books, and curriculum) to guide you through the process of understanding and applying your strengths. You’ll find that the support tools provide additional information to help you clarify and understand how to get the most out of your profile.

Further, we recommend that you review your profile report periodically. You can also retake a profile every year to 18 months, or when there are substantial changes in your environment, to identify ways to grow further.

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