Our Favorite Podcast Guest Quotes

One of the things we enjoyed most in 2022 was exploring topics with our StrongTeams.com Podcast guests. Each guest brought a perspective and wisdom that impacted us greatly.

As we conclude the first season of the podcast, we wanted to reflect on a few memorable podcast moments. Below are five of our favorite quotes we heard during season one of the show.


Episode 2 – Interview with Russ Olmon

The president of Ministry Advantage, Russ Olmon, describes how Leading From Your Strengths® impacted the relationship between him and his son. 

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Episode 3 – Interview with Jeff Brown

Context: Read to Lead author, Jeff Brown gives us his secret on how to read a book more efficiently and effectively.

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Episode 5 – Interview with Dan Rockwell

The Leadership Freak himself, Dan Rockwell, talks about the importance of being willing to put projects on other people’s plates and then allowing those people to feel the weight of the task.

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Episode 7 – Interview with Amy Anderson

The Unstuck Group’s Amy Anderson talks about how pastors can avoid becoming the ‘lid’ on their church.

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Episode 8 – Interview with Steve Smith

Executive Pastor Steve Smith was asked to comment on what an executive pastor does each day. His carefully worded response made us laugh!

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We’re thankful for all our guests and most of all for you for tuning in to the podcast. We already have a list of exciting guests lined up for 2023. 

What was your favorite quote from the show? Let us know!


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December 2022 — Editorial Staff