Leading From Your Strengths® Assessment


Discover Your Superpowers

Every individual has unique abilities. But few truly understand their own superpowers.

Without this self-awareness, doubt and frustration set in.

What if you could unlock your innate strengths and lead from a place of confidence and clarity?

The Leading From Your Strengths Assessment was created to help people discover their strengths.

In just minutes, our research-based assessment will reveal your top strengths and how they impact how you problem solve, process information, manage change, and face risk. These God-given strengths are the keys to leading with excellence right where you are.


  • Uncover the powerful combination of strengths unique to you
  • Learn how to maximize and develop your top strengths further
  • Discover blind spots where you may lack natural ability
  • Use your strength insights to lead, communicate, and make decisions more effectively
  • Build teams strategically based on members’ complementary strengths

Stop second-guessing your leadership gifts. Get clarity on your superpowers today!

Assessment Details:

The Leading From Your Strengths Assessment takes less than 15 minutes to complete online. You’ll get immediate results via email revealing your personalized leadership strengths report.

Product Delivery

  • Instant Access
  • 10-minute online assessment
  • Results emailed to you instantly

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The Report

Although the profile questionnaire is quick and simple to complete, it provides sophisticated data in a 20-page report in the following sections:

Introduction: a detailed overview of the report contents.

Your Natural Strengths

  • Your Natural Strengths Scales: a narrative explanation of the four scales used to measure your natural strengths: problem solving, processing information, managing change, and facing risk.
  • Your Natural Strengths Chart: a visual picture in graph form representing your natural strengths in the four predictable areas: problem solving, processing information, managing change, facing risk.
  • General Characteristics: a narrative summary which summarizes a broad understanding of your strengths.
  • Value to the Team: a list of specific talents and strengths that you bring to a team.


  • Do’s in Communicating: a checklist for others to use with you (or for you to specify to others) that outlines action steps they can take to communicate effectively with you.
  • Don’ts in Communicating: a checklist for others to use with you (or for you to specify to others) that outlines communication methods that frustrate you or reduce your performance.


  • Ideal Environment: a list of duties, responsibilities, and environments that allow you to flourish and those that may frustrate you.

Leading and Motivating

  • Keys to Motivating: a list of what can motivate you, based on your wants and values.
  • Keys to Leading: a list of what you need from a leader so that you can perform at your optimum level.
  • Areas for Improvement: a list of your natural limitations or tendencies, allowing you to create an action plan for moving forward.


  • Perceptions: a list of ways you see yourself and ways others see you.

Your Adapted Strengths

  • Strengths Movement: a narrative explanation of strengths movement – the measure of how your current environment impacts your strengths positively and negatively.
  • Strengths Movement Chart: a visual picture in graph form of both your natural strengths and the impact of your current environment on those strengths, presented in the four predictable areas: problem solving, processing information, managing change, facing risk.
  • How Are You Having to “Adapt”?: a list of descriptions of how you may feel you need to respond to your current environment to be accepted.
  • Natural and Adapted Style: a side-by-side comparison of your natural strengths style and your adapted style, revealing the stress and pressure you may feel when you adapt your natural style to your current environment.
  • The Ministry Insights Wheel: a narrative and visual explanation that shows you and your team understand your collective strengths.

Team Building Outline

The Leading From Your Strengths Assessment can be used one-on-one or one to many. Team building is probably the number one why people use the assessment but it can also be used in the hiring and onboarding process as well.

Below is a suggested outline for team building. The support videos on the next tab can be used to supplement the outline below as needed to help transfer the main concepts to your team.

  1. Part 1: Group Devotional
  2. Part 2: Activity to Understand Differences
  3. Part 3: Process Your Team Members’ Strengths
  4. Part 4: Value to the Team
  5. Part 5: Checklist for Communicating

Support Videos

Introduction and Setup

The Mystery of Differences

The Law of Differences

The Strengths Chart – Problem Solving

The Strengths Chart – Processing Information

The Strengths Chart – Managing Change

The Strengths Chart – Facing Risk

Blending Differences

Downloadable Resourses

The 16-page Leading From Your Strengths Workbook, a free download, is a self-paced manual that complements the Leading From Your Strengths Profile. The workbook helps you get the most out of your profile by walking you through every section of your personal report. Questions help you dig deeper into the most important personal information from the report and gain insight – so you can create goals to apply to your life and impact your ministry.

Download the Leading From Your Strengths Workbook.


Q. What’s the difference between Leading From Your Strengths Profiles and your other profile products? A. Leading From Your Strengths (LFYS) Profiles are personalized, detailed 20-page reports which accurately describe your individual habitual patterns of behavior, thought, emotion, and communication. They provide you with sophisticated, objective insights and action steps about your unique strengths – data you and your team can use immediately and long-term. All Ministry Insights profile products draw upon the same principle: every person is uniquely gifted and contribute to his or her work environment, marriage, or family. Each profile set analyzes your one-of-a-kind personality information and equips you to use your strengths in that particular setting (Leading From Your Strengths Profiles in your work setting and Marriage Insights Profiles in your marriage.)

Q. Can I purchase profiles for other people, such as members of my team? Yes. When you purchase profiles online, you will designate an email delivery address (or addresses) on the order form. You will receive a receipt for your purchase onscreen. Simultaneously, an email is delivered to the address(es) you designate, which includes a web site address and a personalized response link (single-use password). Recipients go to the website, enter their personalized response link, and complete the process.

Q. Should our team fill out our questionnaires together? A. No. You and your team members should fill out profile questionnaires individually.

Q. Can I take the profile questionnaire if I am not at my own computer? Yes. Profiles can be completed at anytime, from any Internet-connected computer in the world. Your results will be delivered immediately to your inbox.

Q. Are the profiles available in other languages in addition to English? Currently, the Leading From Your Strengths profile is the only profile product fully translated into Spanish, meaning both the online questionnaire and the profile results are available in Spanish. When responding to the questionnaire select Spanish from the response language drop-down menu. Both your online questionnaire and profile results will be in Spanish; the purchasing agent for the profile will receive the profile results in English. If the purchasing agent is the respondent, he will receive two sets of results, one in English and one in Spanish.

The online questionnaire can be completed in more than 30 languages by simply selecting a different language option at the questionnaire website. However, profile results are provided only in English (or Spanish).

Q. How should we use the profile reports? A. Sharing your profile results with your team will become a great springboard to increased communication and understanding. After both of you have completed the questionnaire and received your personal profile report, set aside time to discuss the results. Download the Leading From Your Strengths Workbook. Go through it on your own to gain deeper insights about your individual report. Ask team members to do the same. Use the Leading From Your Strengths Team-Building Discovery Kit with your team. Identify which actions step to take as a team short-term and long-term.

Q. What is the difference between Leading From Your Strengths Profiles and Position Insights Profiles? A. The Leading From Your Strengths Profile is a personalized, 20-page report that captures the strengths of an individual after that person fills out a 10-minute questionnaire. The Position Insights Profile is a 12-page report, completed by a recruiting team answering questions about the strengths demands for a job, which provides a clear and accurate picture of the behavioral demands of a specific job or position. (Learn more about Position Insights Profiles here.)