Position Insights Profile
Job Benchmark


Position Insights Profiles establishes the strength-based job benchmark for any position — paid or volunteer. They are detailed, 12-page reports compiled and presented instantaneously after a small committee of stakeholders completes a simple questionnaire focusing on the strengths demands of the job itself (not the strengths of the person who will perform the job.) The report identifies the strengths needed for each position in your ministry, specifically in four key areas: Solving problems, Influencing others, Responding to the pace of the environment and Following rules and procedures.

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IMPORTANT: THE POSITION INSIGHTS is NOT for APPLICANTS OR INDIVIDUALS! It’s for assessing a position. Also, If you are a current user of the Position Insights Profile we have made changes to the questionnaire and scoring. You must download the Successful Staffing Guide, containing the new Position Insights Questionnaire, and discard any old guides and questionnaires you may have.

The Positions Insights Profile works hand-in-hand with the Leading From Your Strengths Profile and the Successful Staffing Guide to give you what you need most: insight in inviting the right people to join your team. We help you clearly define a position, the strengths needed to fill it successfully, and identify strengths in the candidates who apply.

The questionnaire consists of 40 statements about the job. Each statement is followed by 6 boxes arranged as a continuum from “extensive” to “very limited.” Each committee member individually ranks one block at a time, in relation to their feedback about the job. Together, the committee gains a consensus about each statement and proceeds to the next block until all blocks are completed.

The Profile Report

The Positions Insights Profile includes the following:

  • A graph of the behavioral profile of the position
  • A written summary of the position, including an overview of the strengths needed for the position
  • Success Insights Wheel, demonstrating the strengths an ideal candidate would bring to your team
  • Detail pages of the requirements in the position for each of the four key behavioral areas (Problems and Challenges, People and Information, Pace and Change, Procedures and Rules).

Combining the Profiles

Predictable issues and conflicts can be avoided if the recruiting team or leader assesses how much “strength” or intensity of each one of four key factors is needed for a person to succeed in the job. After completing the Position Insights Profile and identifying these four issues required by the position, your recruiting team can invite candidates to complete the Leading From Your Strengths Profile. Results can then be used to compare a candidate’s strengths in those four areas to the strengths most needed in the position.

How Position Insights Profiles can help in the staffing process

  • Build consensus. Your team can reach agreement about expectations for positions and candidates.
  • Foster clarity. Your team can create a comprehensive report on the behavioral demands of a position.
  • Outline expectations. Your team can gain insight into the unwritten expectations of each position.
  • Cultivate longevity. You can reduce staff turnover by matching the position with the ideal candidate.
  • Evaluate ministry-wide. You have flexibility to evaluate and fill any position.

When to Use Position Insights Profiles and the Staffing Guide

  • Recruiting
  • Staffing
  • Conflict resolution
  • Performance review
  • New hire orientation


Downloadable Resources

Successful Staffing Guide coverThe Successful Staffing Guide is a free download. It walks you through a comprehensive 6-step process to fit the right person in the right position. The guide shows you how to incorporate the Position Insights Profiles and Leading From Your Strengths Profiles so you can clearly define a position and select the best candidate based on strengths.

Download the Successful Staffing Guide.


Position Insights Profile FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is the difference between Position Insights Profiles and Leading From Your Strengths Profiles?

team working together at a PCA. The Position Insights Profile is a 12-page report that provides a clear and accurate picture of the behavioral demands of a specific job or position. It is completed by a recruiting team answering questions about the strengths demands for a job – not an individual. In contrast, the Leading From Your Strengths Profile is a personalized, 20-page report that captures the strengths of an individual after that person fills out a 10-minute questionnaire. It is a tool that can be used to compare candidates’ strengths to the strengths needed in the job in order to select the best person for that person.

Q. How can the Successful Staffing Guide benefit my team?
A. The Successful Staffing Guide is a free resource which thoroughly explains how to create a position profile for a specific job. The Guide outlines how to go through the recruiting process step-by-step.

Q. Who provides input in creating a Position Insights Profile for a particular position?
A. You can select who contributes to the process. We recommend you identify a small group of 3-5 invested stakeholders, including the hiring manager, position supervisor, current person in the position who is exceeding expectations, and 1-2 people who the position will serve.

Q. Must I use both the Position Insights Profile (to create benchmark strengths) and the Leading From Your Strengths Profile (for potential candidates) in order to successfully fill a position?
A. No. While we urge you to use both tools for the best possible results, the two profiles can be used independently in the candidate selection process.