Position Insights Assessment


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Designed to facilitate an objective process for hiring new team members, this tool will change how you hire and improve your retention.

Position Insights equips you to evaluate the position before trying to fill it. Rather than focusing on the candidate, this invaluable assessment helps hiring managers and teams first understand the characteristics most suitable to the job and environment.

  • Enables you to compare applicants to the ideas
  • Helps you focus on the position needed and the working environment
  • Informs how you approach questions in the final interview
  • Complete the assessment and receive instant results.

Our patented online assessment analyzes your input and delivers a description of your ideal candidate. This is augmented by materials that allow you to execute a smooth, orderly search and filtering process.

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We recommend our fast and inexpensive QuickStrengths Assessment to compare candidates to your Position Insights results for the best fit.

Product Delivery

  • Instant Access
  • 10-minute online assessment
  • Results emailed to you instantly

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Downloadable Resources

Successful Staffing Guide coverThe Successful Staffing Guide is a free download. It walks you through a comprehensive 6-step process to fit the right person in the right position. The guide shows you how to incorporate the Position Insights Profiles and Leading From Your Strengths Profiles so you can clearly define a position and select the best candidate based on strengths.

Download the Successful Staffing Guide.


Position Insights Profile FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is the difference between Position Insights Profiles and Leading From Your Strengths Profiles?

team working together at a PCA. The Position Insights Profile is a 12-page report that provides a clear and accurate picture of the behavioral demands of a specific job or position. It is completed by a recruiting team answering questions about the strengths demands for a job – not an individual. In contrast, the Leading From Your Strengths Profile is a personalized, 20-page report that captures the strengths of an individual after that person fills out a 10-minute questionnaire. It is a tool that can be used to compare candidates’ strengths to the strengths needed in the job in order to select the best person for that person.

Q. How can the Successful Staffing Guide benefit my team?
A. The Successful Staffing Guide is a free resource which thoroughly explains how to create a position profile for a specific job. The Guide outlines how to go through the recruiting process step-by-step.

Q. Who provides input in creating a Position Insights Profile for a particular position?
A. You can select who contributes to the process. We recommend you identify a small group of 3-5 invested stakeholders, including the hiring manager, position supervisor, current person in the position who is exceeding expectations, and 1-2 people who the position will serve.

Q. Must I use both the Position Insights Profile (to create benchmark strengths) and the Leading From Your Strengths Profile (for potential candidates) in order to successfully fill a position?
A. No. While we urge you to use both tools for the best possible results, the two profiles can be used independently in the candidate selection process.