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Position Insights Profile
Job Benchmark

Designed to facilitate an objective, values-based process for hiring new team members, Position Insights invites you to first understand the position before trying to fill it. Rather than looking at a key individual, this assessment contains a guided process to help hiring managers and teams first understand the characteristics that are best suitable to the job and environment, before comparing candidates to an ideal profile.

    • Compare applicants to an ideal
    • Keep your focus on the position needed and the working environment
    • Gives you insights from which to ask questions in a final interview

What does it include?
Position insights begins with an online assessment that creates a description of an ideal candidate, followed by a detailed report that creates a picture against which to compare available candidates. This is augmented by materials that allow you to execute a smooth, orderly search and filtering process. We recommend using our fast and inexpensive QuickScreen assessment to compare candidates to your Position Insights results for the best fit.

Click Here to see a sample report.