What if I disagree with my profile?

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Occasionally a user may disagree with profile results.

Ministry Insights profiles are generated based upon responses to the online questionnaire. They reflect the unique behavioral style associated with those responses. For example, if a mostly dominant, assertive, confident person chooses accurate descriptors on the assessment, the report will highlight those characteristics in the text and graphs.

However, no man-made assessment can ever take into account all of the complexities of a human being or how they behave in all situations. As the psalmist wrote, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” (Psalm 139:14).

What May Cause You to Disagrees With Profile Results

There may be some statements in your profile report that don’t apply directly to you. We recommend that you explore those fully by discussing with someone close to you and then if you still disagree, strike those statements and focus on the statements with which you agree.

In rare instances, an individual who is experiencing high levels of stress may not be able to respond to the questionnaire with a high degree of clarity. If you feel this could be a contributing factor in the responses you provided, we recommend that you re-take the profile at a later time when the stress in your life has subsided.

From time to time, users attempt to second-guess the profile questions or “trick” the profile when completing the questionnaire. In these instances, it is understandable that the results will not reflect your true strengths and behaviors.

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