Profile Tip: Lean on Different Strengths During the Holidays

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Jessica peeked at her brother as the worship band cranked into the loud, thumping Christmas song. His eyes were closed, but she thought she saw a glimmer of a smile cross the lips of his normally-dignified face.

Jessica’s glance drifted to her brother’s teenage daughter, Alyssa, whose hands were high in the air. Alyssa grinned from ear to ear. She moved with the music. Her exuberance was contagious.

They are so different, thought Jessica. But they are both worshipping.

Here’s a Tip

Lean on different strengths during the holidays.

hands raised during worship service

Image: Ronnie Floyd

During this season Jessica was struggling with changes in her life, including a severed relationship and new responsibilities at work. In the midst of it all, her connection with God had faltered. It had been hard for her to keep focused on Him during so many transitions.

Which is why the differences between her brother and her niece – particularly when it came to how they expressed their faith – were so poignant to her right now.

Her brother had always had cautious, controlled approach to his work, relationships, and faith. Those strengths, Jessica knew, were a big reason he was so successful as a CPA. In this moment, she appreciated his steadiness. He took risks only after much thought and care. His words to her earlier, when they talked over her recent struggles, rang in her ears: “Keep your eyes on God. You can rely on Him.” He encouraged her to be faithful.

And although she knew her brother and sister-and-law had been first blindsided by their daughter’s uninhibited, independent ways in raising her, she saw how they now valued Alyssa’s free spirit. Alyssa energized those around her. “God is giving you an exciting new chance, Aunt Jessica!” she exclaimed when she heard about Jessica’s challenges. “Go for it!” Alyssa’s sense of abandon encouraged Jessica to approach God with boldness.

Now as she joined her family at worship, the dual realization led Jessica to bow her head. “I want to be both faithful and bold,” she prayed silently. “Thank you pointing me to you through my brother and his daughter.”

Each of us sees God in different ways. We use different strengths in our worship experieences. You never know how your strengths can influence someone else’s journey of faith.

When you worship God fully in the way He directs you, your strengths can help someone else experience God during a tough season – be it the holidays, at another time, or in another place.


Insight from The Word

Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them. (Romans 12:6, ESV)

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